3091283 - China, media and truth-telling in a crisis

‘All doctors in our hospital knew it was not correct as it was so different from what we’

3091282 - Independence for French workers

— New Eastern Outlook IN A country whose population has been famous for demonstrating at the drop of a hat, ever since Parisians assaulted the Bastille in 1789, the Yellow Vest movement launched in October 2018 has brought the population to the brink of total breakdown.

3091281 - Women set on azaadi march in Pakistan

‘ridiculed a woman who makes the same decision as every other man in society.’

3091280 - We need to diversify our labour force

Rabeya Sultana “Mechanic Rabbi Apa” at work Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune We cannot, at this juncture, afford to underestimate the value of vocational training

3091279 - February 17: News in Brief

A suspected robber was killed in a mob beating at Baruikhali village in Kochua upazila early on Monday, February 17, 2020Bigstock

3091278 - মেলায় শিশুদের আগ্রহে বিপিএলের বই

মালিবাগ থেকে আসা রাইয়ান আনোয়ার বলে, “এই বইটা আমার খুব ভালো লেগেছে। বইয়ের উপরে কী সুন্দর ছবি! আর ভেতরে মজার মজার গল্প। আমি এ বইয়ের গল্পগুলো স্কুলে গিয়ে বন্ধুদের বলব।”

3091277 - চীনের ভাইরাস নিয়ে ‘আতঙ্ক ছড়াচ্ছে’ পশ্চিমারা

“এধরনের ভাইরাসকে একটি নির্ধারিত স্থানে সীমাবদ্ধ করে রাখতে ইতোমধ্যেই চীন তার সক্ষমতার প্রমাণ দিয়েছে। অচিরেই তা পুরোপুরি নির্মূল করা যাবে বলে আমাদের বিশ্বাস।”

3091275 - Elton John says he's deeply upset after cutting short NZ concert

“I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more. I’m disappointed, deeply upset and sorry. I gave it all I had,”

3091274 - ITV hit 'Love Island' to return on Monday after death of former presenter Flack

“Many people at ITV knew Caroline well and held her in great affection,”

3091272 - BTRC scraps 30 ISP licences

“Too many licences were given without proper evaluation and it saturated the market. Now a large number of ISPs are unwilling to renew their licences,”

3091271 - App-based calls chip away at IGW business

“Now after reduction in rate maybe they (IGW) will get some calls but eventually the voice call through traditional channel is dying,”

3091270 - NPLs down by Tk21,957cr in 3 months

Bigstock Relaxed rescheduling policy, one off exit scheme start paying off Banks’ non-performing loans (NPLs) declined by Tk21,957.31 crore in three months till December last year thanks to relaxed rescheduling policy of Bangladesh Bank that brought down the sour loan to 9.

3091269 - Naogaon farmer grows vegetable plants using coco-dust method

"I was thinking about growing disease-free and well vegetable seedlings at affordable cost. The Farmers' Hub of Syngenta Foundation inspired me to go through the Coco-Dust method,"

3091268 - Is the free market free?

Is a lack of regulation conducive to economic growth? A certain level of regulation can be healthy for the economy

3091266 - Proceeding with caution

Photo: DHAKA TRIBUNE We cannot, at this juncture, afford to underestimate the value of vocational training F or too long, illegally constructed buildings -- either by violating the building code, twisting the original designs, or built without prior approval -- have been a thorn in the side of our overall economy.

3091265 - Labour diplomacy needed for Bangladeshi migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

A PROMPT action on part of the government is still absent to end the plight of Bangladeshi migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.

3091264 - Bangladesh government must keep unfit vehicles off the road

THE High Court directive that has asked the government to form task forces, composed of executive magistrates and Road Transport Authority and police representatives, headed by deputy commissioners, in all districts to monitor and keep unregistered, unfit vehicles off the roads is welcome.

3091263 - Are you concerned about foldable phone durability? (Poll of the Week)

Foldables seem to be having some issues right now. Are you concerned?

3091262 - Doctor Who Returns to Chilling Form, With Help From a Ghost of Futures Past

The past few episodes of Doctor Who had slowly begun to unravel a lingering problem with this latest iteration of the show: too many people at the TARDIS console, leading to narrative setups that take too long to get going, or leave some of our heroes behind to really get there. Ahead of its season finale however, the show managed to find a way to have this large crew really work.